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Re: [LPMOO] checkpoint caused fatal crash?

Use ful or not we need to see the last few lines .. or even all of what 
happens when you try a restart. with out knowledge of what our seeing 
andwhat error's are happing we can't help you.

On Tue, 12 Dec 1995, Kirrily Robert wrote:

> Evening all..
> I was MOOing away happily this evening, after having restarted the
> server for various reasons, and after an hour it tried to checkpoint.
> Somewhere along the line, the damn thing crashed badly, wiped its
> dgd.db (when I looked, it was zero bytes), and now refuses to restart.
>  I copied teh dgd.db.old back over the top of dgd.db, but it doesn't
> like it, and I am unable to bring the MOO back up.  It seems to fail
> when it tries to read in the database, but I'm not getting anything
> useful in the logs.
> Any suggestions?
> Skud
> (ps: thanks to those who helped me out with that radio channel
> broadcast question -- I fixed it, but may lose it now :( )


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