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Re: MPL patch for 1.7.9

At 07:11 PM 12/4/95 PST, Ahn Jin-Su wrote:
>I've put the patch on
>Because our site now have anonymous ftp service, you can download it from here.
>(Sorry for breaking my promise, Alex). 
>For 1.8.0, I can't test it enough because I'm lacking time and the server is
>a alpha version. You may need to wait until '96. (Only my estimate. I hope I
>would have plenty of time to do what I want at winter vacation, but it's only

Well, I grabbed it and it installed fine -- no problems at, complied clean
and everything.

The problem that I did have with it was that ;listen($httpd, 4243) works
fine, and the MOO listens on that port, but $httpd doesn't handle the
connection, #0 does ($httpd != #0, btw).
The OS is 'SunOS tecfasun1 5.4 Generic_101945-32 sun4m sparc' and the MPL
patch for 1.7.8 works fine (we had to revert), so I know that MPL is
possible.  I looked at the source, but I can't figure out where it's going
wrong, since everything seems to be getting assigned correctly.

Anyone else have this problem?


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