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Request for LambdaMOO 1.8.0

I have a request for something to be put into the final release of 
LambdaMOO 1.8.0: allow verb names in builtin functions to be numbers, 
rather than strings.  If they're numbers, then they'll ALWAYS be 
interpreted as the verb's number, rather than the verb's name.  For 
example, say I had object $foo, with three verbs:
$foo:bar any  in   this
$foo:baz any  any  any
$foo:2   this none none

;verb_args($foo, "2") => {"this", "none", "none"}
;verb_args($foo, 2) => {"any", "any", "any"}

The verbs that would need to be changed that I can see are: verb_code(), 
verb_info(), verb_args(), delete_verb(), set_verb_code(), 
set_verb_args(), set_verb_info(), and decompile().  (Maybe I missed one 
in there).

I think it would be very useful.  Comments?



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