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MOO for PCs?

        Hello, my name is Brian Robke, I'm a wizard (Brian) at DreaMOO
( 8888) and recently have been asked if there is any MOO
that can be run from a PC without Linux installed. I got into wondering this
myself and have asked other wizards there and yet, no one knows this is
possible. I wouldn't mind having one running on my computer (a Gateway 2000,
P5 100MHz, only has DOS and Win95 on it) so that I could experiment with
things I don't want to do on DreaMOO until I know it works. So I don't
actually need people to be able to telnet into my computer, I just need to
be able to enter the MOO on my computer. I have both a C and a C++ compiler.
I have downloaded a db and the LambdaMOO 1.8.0alpha2 tar file and have it
unzipped on my computer but I'm told that I couldn't actually compile it
because it needs some Unix things to be on the computer, and since I don't
have Unix or Linux on my computer, I can't. So I'm just wondering if there
is a MOO that can run on a PC, and if so, where can I find it? Thanks in

        -Brian Robke (


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