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MOO for OS/2

I've successfully compiled MOO 1.8.0alpha2 for OS/2 for a single
player.  I used EMX 0.9a fix 6 and GCC 2.7.0 to do it.  It worked,
but I found myself making the config.h file by hand.  Does anyone
know how I can get it to be created properly and automatically under
OS/2?  I'm afraid I probably set some options wrong.

Now, more about the MOO server.  It seems to work fine, so far,
for everything except the emergency mode.  When I start up the
emergency mode, it loads properly, and prompts me for input.  If
I say 'help', it's fine.  However, if I type in an eval command
(any eval command, but I will check on this), it panics saying it
caught signal 11 and dumps core.  Being the inexperienced C
programmer that I am, I had no idea how to debug it with GCC, gdb,
and the core file.

I've heard rumors of a MOO server for OS/2 available somewhere on
the net.  Would someone please point me to this?  Is the source
code available there?  I wish to look through the source code and
see if the same thing happens, and, if so, try to find a way around



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