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Re: MOO for PCs? -Reply

Greetings and salutations.  I would like to experiment with the
DOSMOO stuff as well.  I d/l-ed the zip file and tried to kick it
into gear and things got weird.  I don't have linux as of yet (try
not to kick sand at the newbie scum) and would like to try my hand at
starting up a MOO.  I am limited to using DOS/Windows stuff at work
and home until I can get a bigger HD to put linux on (and that is a
year or so in the offing).   Any suggestions to get this up and
running would be highly appreciated.

0bsidian wanderer

0bsidian@BayMOO, EdenMOO, LambdaMOO
^that's a zero :-)

Entry at prompt...

C:\MOO>msdosmoo.exe input-db dump-db

the response was this...

STARTING: Version 1.7.8p4 of LambdaMOO server
          (Using single-user protocol)
          (Task timeouts measured in wall-clock seconds.)
LOADING: input-db
*** Cannot open database file: input-db

here are the entire contents of the directory where I unzipped it
(including the zipped file) and the bytes they take up:

Directory of C:\MOO
.                         <DIR>        
..                        <DIR>
          9 file(s)        413102 bytes
                           210944 bytes free

>>> stacy.l.goodman <>  12/15/95, 04:34am >>>
On 12/14/95 Brian Robke wrote:

>since I don't have Unix or Linux on my computer, I can't. So I'm
just  wondering if there
>is a MOO that can run on a PC, and if so, where can I find it?
Thanks in

Yes, there is a DOS MOO available at: 
I haven't tested it, so I can't vouch for if it works or not, so if
you try it  out let me know!

Chimera   (    or

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