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Re: MOO for PCs?

At 01:19 PM 12/15/95 PST, you wrote:
>On Fri, 15 Dec 1995, stacy.l.goodman wrote:
>> Yes, there is a DOS MOO available at:
>> I haven't tested it, so I can't vouch for if it works or not, so if you
try it 
>> out let me know!
>Well, actually it's
>I compiled it but I haven't had time to make a new one.  I hear there
>is a good one for Windows 95 (or NT) but I haven't heard much past that.
>I might compile a 95 one myself if there isn't a URL posted for it soon.

I got the zip at and it works fine, I was able to load it up with
1.8.0 alpha 2's db. Everything is working fine, except I can't figure out
how to dump the db. I use @dump-database and it comes back at me saying
there is no file "lambda.#1#". ("lambda" is the file name of the db I am
using, it says in one of the documents not to use file extensions for some
reason) So I go back and make a copy of the db called "lambda.#1#" and try
@dump-database again. Nope, now it wonders where "lambda.#2#" is. So I got
the idea, changed the name to "lambda.#3#" and ran @dump-database and it
says it can't find the file "lambda.#3#". I'm wondering if anyone else who
is using this does know how to dump it (I also crashed during a checkpoint
once cause it couldn't find a file). It works perfectly and exactly what I
needed, but I just wish I could save my work and not keep the moo running
constantly with no checkpoints. So thanks a ton for finding this! And if
there is a Win95 version out there, please send me a way of finding it.
Thanks for all your help.

        -Brian Robke (

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