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Re: MOO for PCs?

At 08:30 PM 12/15/95 -0700, you wrote:
>> =
>>I am still fairly new to dealing with OS stuff, but it was my understanding
>>that in order to do anything with the stuff at parcftp that I would need
>>some flavor of UNIX.  If that is so then how would I get the new database
>>stuff (short of re-writing it all in this minimal one) to work with the
>>minimal one I have now? The whole point of this msdosmoo is that I can use
>>DOS. (oh...btw I got it to work using the syntax you suggested....many, many
>>thanks)  So...either I have a lot of progging to do or someone may know of
>>an easier way.  
>	AFAIK, you shoudl be abel to use the DB that is there,
>AS-IS.  Binary Ftp it to a box that will eventually save it in
>the same format (without mangling it) on your Dos Box.
>Basically, use the same method you used to get the binary of the
>MSDos MOO, to get the DB.
>	Worth a shot... slim, but doable.

Done. :0)  I talked with a couple of folks on-line last night...I can use
the uncompressed .db with no problem (once I figured out how to use the
msdosmoo.exe correctly).  There are some weird PANIC items, but I digress.

>- Lionel R 'Bishop' Clark

I had an interesting time of it since last evening.  I am uncertain what
happened exactly, but something I did when getting it to load the
lambdacore.db made my machine go nutsykookoo (I was doing about four
different things and system resources got whacked out).  Knocked my
himem.sys out (and as such Windows).  I was able to get DOS back up pretty
quick, but had to call the guy I bought this stuff from (he works as a
consultant thankfully) to get windows back (had to replace my himem.sys and  I keep getting panics for strange reasons.  I can't even
*look* at $network without it PANIC-ing.  Does anyone know if the dosmoo can
even be set up to have network connections?  

I have some more stuff to ask, but I am just relieved to have my machine
back up and running.  I'll gather my thoughts, check the FAQ stuff (I got an
old version of lambdacore (10/84) and would love to get a later one if I can
find one not compressed, and I think I would prefer quota based rather than
object based) and if I can't find anything there I expect I will make a pest
of myself. :0)  Thanks for all the help getting me to the threshold. 

0bsidian wanderer

0bsidian@BayMOO, EdenMOO, LambdaMOO...and who knows...DOS0bsidianMOO?....
^that's a zero :-)


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