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Re: 1.8.0a2 / extensions.c

Martian writes:
> Does *dump_db_name in db_file.c need to be static?
> I wrote a function to return the size of the file (one hasn't been added 
> to 1.8.0, I assume) but had it located in server.c. I'd like to move it 
> to extensions.c in the new version, but still need to change something 
> so I can get the name of the db file. Either refer to dump_db_name via 
> extern, or have server.c:main() call a verb in extentions.c to set a 
> variable there. Either way, I have to change another file. ::/

One major reason for the split between the DB module and the rest of the server
was to insulate the main body of the code from substantial changes in how the
DB was stored/represented.  I don't want to expose the variable dump_db_name
for precisely this reason.  What I can easily do, though, is to add another
function to db.h, db_disk_size(), which would return the amount of disk most
recently required to stably store the DB.  Either you or I could then add a new
built-in that returned the value of this function.

Look for something like this in alpha3.



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