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Re: MOO for PCs? -Reply -Forwarded

At 06:20 PM 12/15/95 -0600, you wrote:
>On Fri, 15 Dec 1995, 0bsidian wrote:
>> the response was this...
>> STARTING: Version 1.7.8p4 of LambdaMOO server
>>           (Using single-user protocol)
>>           (Task timeouts measured in wall-clock seconds.)
>> LOADING: input-db
>> *** Cannot open database file: input-db
>> Directory of C:\MOO
>> .                         <DIR>        
>> ..                        <DIR>
>> MSDOSMOO   ZIP               150296
>> README     1ST                  769
>> MSDOSMOO   EXE               213817  
>> MSDOSMOO   DOC                  438  
>> MINIMAL    DB                   334 
>> README     MIN                 2892
>> CHANGELO   TXT                44556
>>           9 file(s)        413102 bytes
>>                            210944 bytes free
>Well, you have to have a database in the directory called input-db which 
>you don't appear to have.  The only valid entry would be:
>msdosmoo minimal.db output.db
>Check for the latest LambdaMOO databases.

I am still fairly new to dealing with OS stuff, but it was my understanding
that in order to do anything with the stuff at parcftp that I would need
some flavor of UNIX.  If that is so then how would I get the new database
stuff (short of re-writing it all in this minimal one) to work with the
minimal one I have now? The whole point of this msdosmoo is that I can use
DOS. (oh...btw I got it to work using the syntax you suggested....many, many
thanks)  So...either I have a lot of progging to do or someone may know of
an easier way.  

One last thing...if anyone responds between now and Monday morning I would
appreciate it being CC-ed to the addy since I am not
yet subscribed to MOO-Cows from home yet (still waiting for
permission...Majordomo says I gotta get approval from list owner) :0)

Thank in advance for any assistance.

0bsidian wanderer

0bsidian@BayMOO, EdenMOO, LambdaMOO
^that's a zero :-)


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