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Re: [server] how to make a builtin suspend

Kai Storbeck writes:
> We have made a builtin, to check the password-entry from a user,  with 
> yp_match. It works perfect, but it takes too long sometimes, to get the 
> result. (the server may be down, or is just TOOOO slow;-)
> Now, does anybody know how to suspend such a task, but still does it's job?
> Like ONC() will timeout in future realeases, I'd like this in my 
> nis_password.

Actually, I've given up on doing the ONC suspension change; it was too much
work to torque everything around to support it on both TCP-based networking

As for yp_match(), there isn't any way in the YP interface to make this suspend
or be non-blocking, so you won't be able to do anything very easily inside the
server.  The best I can think of is to make major changes to the server, to
fork a special yp_match-calling process at boot-time and to communicate with it
via a UNIX pipe, similarly to the way name-lookup is handled.



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