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[SERVER] Re: db Stored on Disk || DOSLPMOO

At 01:54 PM 12/20/95 PST, Matt Pauker <> wrote:
>LPMOO, a disk-based implementation of MOO running on the DGD server, has a
>specifiable setting controling the amount of swapping to disk that will
>occur.  This allows you to use as little or as much RAM as you want.
>LPMOO is available at:

Is there going to be a version of DGD/LPMOO out for DOS anytime soon, or am
I just going to have to use UNIX for everything?

And Gustavo "Long Email" Glusman <>:
>Btw, does anyone remember that wild notion from the old days, of adding
>tags to subject lines of messages to the MOO-cows list?

Yeah.  Alex and I never decided what the hell we were going to finally do
about this, if anything.  I used to have the mail we discussed it in, but I
upgraded to win95 (ah hem). :)



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