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Re: current design

We're thinking on different wavelengths.  Sure, it can be done with 
server hacking, to network two different MOOs into one giant, transparent 
virtual world.  But while you're on to server hacking, why not make it of 
the form #xnnn, where x is a letter?  ie #a0 is the system object on 
server a, #b0 is the system object on server b... well if you're going to 
be hacking the database, there are tons of ways to split up objects 
between MOOs.

I was talking about doing it with the existing server, in-database.  It 
wouldn't be the most effecient way of doing it, granted, but it can be 
done.  The only server hack I would need is a new builtin function, 
do(obj, verb, args) calls that verb as if it's called from the command 
line.  Perhaps do(obj, verb, args, player, this), or something alone 
those lines, just to allow a full in-db parsing of a command.  Then it 
would be possible to build up a new core that's bent around the idea of 
distributing it across several servers.  And, as I said in my followup 
post, I still haven't made up my mind about all the specifics.  Just that 
I'd like to work on such a core if I ever got the time.


PS:  I thought that this thread was on java-mud?  You sent the response 
to here, moo-cows

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