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Re: MOO for PCs?

At 05:48 AM 12/18/95 PST, you wrote:
>Problem with the msdosmoo......
>	I've created some chars with the Oct 93 db, but you can't connect 
>as them.  It keeps on coming up with Password incorrect or player doesn't 
>exist!.  This also happens when you change the wizard's password, so the 
>db is unusable!
>Any ideas?????
>Trevor <I really need a new sig> Richardson

        As with 0bsidian, I can create new characters (you are using
@make-player, right?) and can log in as them with the passwords that are
given to me; along with @password'ing the Archwiz. But there is a problem it
seems. I don't know what I did, but I got a PANIC and had to shutdown
because of me looking at a character's password. See, I noticed that you
really don't want to let anyone else use this application other than you if
they have wizard powers, check out your .password. As it was said, crypt()
doesn't work and your .password is your exact password unlike on a normal
unix MOO. So I decided to check it out and see if the new character I
created had the password @make-player gave to me in it's .password, but it
PANICed and shutdown. I was able to use the PANIC db and log back in and
check the .password with no probs. I don't know know what happend and it
isn't a big deal anyway, just wanted to say that making a character is
possible and to show you about that .password deal.

        -Brian Robke (, waiting for Win95 MOO now ;)

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