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Re: MOO for PCs?

>         Hello, my name is Brian Robke, I'm a wizard (Brian) at DreaMOO
> ( 8888) and recently have been asked if there is any MOO
> that can be run from a PC without Linux installed. I got into wondering this
> myself and have asked other wizards there and yet, no one knows this is
> possible. I wouldn't mind having one running on my computer (a Gateway 2000,
> P5 100MHz, only has DOS and Win95 on it) so that I could experiment with
> things I don't want to do on DreaMOO until I know it works. So I don't
> actually need people to be able to telnet into my computer, I just need to
> be able to enter the MOO on my computer. I have both a C and a C++ compiler.

There is an OS/2 port of MOO which runs pretty well.  It is slightly older as 
LambdaMOO 1.7.9alpha1, but considering the very minor code tweaks required for the 
port, moving the latest cut over should be too tough.  (I'd do it my self except 
that mixing EMX and VACPP can be hair raising at best, and I'm under dealine right 

>>ANYway..  The main point of this message is to announce that I also went ahead
>>and pulled together everything anyone else who wants to do the same thing 
>>needs to compile LambdaMOO 1.7.9alpha1 under OS/2, and have put it up for FTP 
>>from my FTP directories.
>>The OS/2 EMX 0.9a MOO porting kit is at in the
>>/users/ro/riche/MOO/os2 directory as  For those who just
>>want to run it, I've also put a compiled executable in that directory as well.

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