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Re: msdosMOO -Forwarded

At 04:39 PM 12/18/95 -0600, you wrote:

>        I have the msdosmoo stuff but every time i open it or try to start 
>the moo up i get a error i think it might have something to do with the ( 
>msdosmoo minimal.db output.db ) thing does any one know here to find it at.? 

You don't need that file extension on output.  All you need is
output...doing so will result in a log file called output.#1# but I had to
@shutdown to get it to create that one first.

>Or mabye i'm starting it wrong can someone tell me how they started there 
>there moo up.?                          Thanks Bryan Snyder     

I am still experimenting, but I figured out some of the weirdness.  If you
want the minimal.db and don't already have it you can get it (ftp) from
either or and get the msdos
zipped file and unzip it...the minimal.db is part of that.  That will take a
while to build up to a respectable database though, since there are only
four objects and four verbs in it.  If you want lambdacore (and I would
suggest that you get that, trust me) I found an uncompressed lambdacore from
10/94 (it is 1.9 megs so be ready) at  that can be
used as is.  You will want the one with the .db extension not the .db.z
extension (unless you have the facilities to uncompress it).  Once you have
the one you want you will need to do the following at the dos prompt from
the directory where you put all of this stuff:

msdosmoo <input.db> dumpfile

where input.db is subbed with either minimal.db or lamdaco.db (DOS cuts it
off like that).  That will kick it into gear for you and you will get the
opening that instructs you to connect as wizard.  I would suggest that you
@shutdown after making a few changes, since DOSMOO doesn't seem to
checkpoint, and that will create the database dumpfile.#1# for you the first
time (this will save your changes there).  After that you can manually dump
the database anytime you wish.  Hope this helps...I would love to hear about
DOSMOO experiences you (or anyone else) come across.

0bsidian wanderer

0bsidian@BayMOO, EdenMOO, LambdaMOO
^that's a zero :-)

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