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>>> <>  12/19/95, 02:59pm >>>

>I got it to work now i have to ? for you how do i save the core

When you load it up using:

msdosmoo <input.db> dumpfile (or output...either one will do)
you will need to make a couple of changes first to test this, but
after you make the changes @shutdown.  That will create the .db file
named dumpfile.#1# (or output.#1# if you use output).  That will have
your changes saved.  Start that database up (you will still have the
basic Lambdacore if you ever want to start up from scratch again so
don't worry about that one) but this time use:

msdosmoo dumpfile.#1# dumpfile

That will allow you to @dump-database (or whatever it is around with it), that will take the place of
checkpointing (which MSDOSMOO doesn't seem to do).
>so if it old lose power. 

I am unsure what you are trying to say here...please restate that for
me in a different way...maybe I am just missing the point or
something (I do that a lot). :0)

>Also how do i set up the address like (  3000) and
>words one i'm running it from ppp NOT slip.
>                                                 Thanks Bryan Snyder

At this don't...that is one of the problems that needs to
be worked on in MSDOSMOO.

0bsidian wanderer

0bsidian@BayMOO, EdenMOO, LambdaMOO
^that's a zero :-)

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