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That's a bit harsh.  There are different types of users...the 
MAINSTREAM users do and must use Windows/DOS at work, home, or 
whereever because they must remain compatible.

Some people can isolate themselves or at least distance themselves
from outside influences and can run Linux on their home machines all
they want.  However, that is not the mainstream and probably never
will be.  So the next step is to find something for PLAY that will 
run on the same machine they need for WORK.

I have setup Linux and enjoy it greatly...however, I do not have a 
machine at home that I can devote solely to Linux.

Them's the breaks.  Don't be so harsh.

> Are you people really so desperate to support a vulturous, evil monopoly
> that you refuse to even consider using the one and only totally free,
> PC-compatible, 32-bit, true pre-emptive multitasking multiuser rock-stable
> industry-standard operating system?
> neuro
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