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Robert J. Brown wrote:
> >>>>> "Neuro" == Neuro  <> writes:
>     Neuro> Are you people really so desperate to support a vulturous,
>     Neuro> evil monopoly that you refuse to even consider using the
>     Neuro> one and only totally free, PC-compatible, 32-bit, true
>     Neuro> pre-emptive multitasking multiuser rock-stable
>     Neuro> industry-standard operating system?
>     Neuro> neuro
> Here, here!   Bravo, I say!  I was wondering the same thing myself!
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Ok first off I have a private MOO under Linux on my PC while it's nice and everything
doing Email, usenet, WWW, and just about anything else is much easier under Windows.
I'll admit yes Unix is more stable, etc. etc. but on a PC that is still someone's 
desktop machine that they need for other things a DOS Moo is a much better alternative.
Think about it you could set it up minimize it and tuck it away on the taskbar to run
and then you can go off and play doom, read your  mail whatever else at the same time
and all a lot easier than you could in Unix.  Also where do most spreadsheet, word 
processors, and other office type applications run?  Not Unix in most cases.  
On another note... yes you could run a DOS Moo under low memory if it was under windows
then it could use Windows swap file.

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