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Re: db Stored on Disk???

On Wed, 20 Dec 1995, John P. Wilson wrote:
> Pardon an ignorant question, but are there good implimentations of
> storing a MOO db on disk?  I know the MOO sucks up a big portion of
> RAM.  What has been/will be done to help reduce the impact on system
> RAM?
> Very Curious,

Yeah, the creator of MOO (Stephan White) moved on and created CoolMUD, 
which is (in an abstract simple way) basically disk based MOO, although 
direct compatability is not in the picture.

>From there Greg Hudson took ideas from Cool and MOO and made ColdMUD, 
which I've been working on recently.  A cold driver will generally stay 
in 2-5 megs of ram, depending upon how many people are connected, how 
many active objects there are, and how well designed the core is (more 

-Brandon Gillespie-

(BTW, for those I've been promising a 1.0 cold version too: January 1st 1996)


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