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Re: db Stored on Disk???

At 1:24 PM 12/20/95, John P. Wilson wrote:
>Pardon an ignorant question, but are there good implimentations of
>storing a MOO db on disk?  I know the MOO sucks up a big portion of
>RAM.  What has been/will be done to help reduce the impact on system
>Very Curious,

LPMOO, a disk-based implementation of MOO running on the DGD server, has a
specifiable setting controling the amount of swapping to disk that will
occur.  This allows you to use as little or as much RAM as you want.
LPMOO is available at:

For more information, you might want to check the (slighty outdated) LPMOO
web page at:

Or, check out the home of LPMOO, MirrorMOO, at: 8889

Hope this helps.

Matt Pauker


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