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moo connections

I've been on this for a week and was waiting for some *other* idiot to ask
my question, but that hasn't happened...  Then the OS wars began.  So I'm 
thinking my stupid questions are better that those cow patties...

If I use Mudwin (or telnet) from a remote host to my Lamdamoo1.7.9.p2 server,
I get the initial connect screen, but my typing is not accepted (kinda hangs).

But, if I telnet to the server and login in first (port 23), then 
"telnet localhost 1234", I can connect and move around.  When I do this, I lose
my backspace which was working fine before the telnet localhost.

The server OS is DG/UX (just a fact, not an opinion) if it makes
a difference.

Are my problems a telnet neogiation issue that is insurmountable?  Flame DG/UX
if necessary with no fear of rebuttal.


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