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Notice of future availability of new technology:  MOO Sybase Core

1. Description

As part of our work on AstroVR for NASA we have developed a production
system implementing an interface between MOO and Sybase (a commercial
dbms).  This effectively gives an infinitely large database.  Sybase
is well suited to storing and retrieving vast numbers of similar
"objects", while MOO obviously is not.  Like most large database
management systems, Sybase uses Structured Query Language to retrieve
only those objects (records) corresponding to the specified criteria.
With our interface, a lambdaCore-based MOO server itself inherits this
capability as well.  Some applications of our technology include:

   * off-MOO storage of large datasets

   * user/customer support and training

   * multiuser environment for Sybase systems

   * complex web-accessible information services

   * huge mailing/discussion lists

   * user-friendly front end to Sybase

   * virtual reality wrapper for reservations, inventory control, 
     large document databases, etc

We have found that the MOO environment is a very nice environment for
developing such services compared to the standard approach using
compiled C code or Perl+Sybperl CGI scripts because of the many in-MOO
tools for manipulating data and code.

2. Availability

JPL/Caltech has a commitment to making its technology available as
part of the return on public investment in its programs and projects.
To facilitate this process for the MOO Sybase Core it would help us to
be able to document interest in this software.  At this point we are
soliciting *only* your statements of interest in the technology to
support our bid to make it available to you.  Please reply by email to  We anticipate that it will take 3-4 months to
complete the necessary internal reviews.

3. Other technology currently available

  * MOO Web Core -- provides a web-server capability to a lambdaCore 
    based MOO.  A brief description is available at the URL

    The MOO Web Core is available after receipt of a signed no-cost 
    license agreement (text available from a link at the above URL).

                              - Dave Van Buren

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