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NO! I'm doing it for the hell of it.. I have linux 1.2.13 (or was it 14) 
installed adn running.. I've got os2/warp and dos. and windows.. so to 
aswer your questions.. ITS FOR FUN!.. don'tyou ever do stuff for fun.. 
hell maybe we'll even succed tosome extent.. GEEZ its people like you who 
think electricty is a BAAADD!! thing.. :)

On Wed, 20 Dec 1995, Neuro wrote:

> Are you people really so desperate to support a vulturous, evil monopoly
> that you refuse to even consider using the one and only totally free,
> PC-compatible, 32-bit, true pre-emptive multitasking multiuser rock-stable
> industry-standard operating system?
> neuro


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