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I understand, sympathise, and disagree.

I went Microsoft free a little over 4 years ago, both professionally (I'm a 
contract programmer) and personally.  I estimate that this decision has cost me on 
the order of $5,000 - $8,000 in lost or non-renewed contracts in that time.  Its 
possible it could be as high as $12,000.  I don't regret the decision at all.  
Being able to live with my conscience is more valuable.

> That's a bit harsh.  There are different types of users...the 
> MAINSTREAM users do and must use Windows/DOS at work, home, or 
> whereever because they must remain compatible.
> Some people can isolate themselves or at least distance themselves
> from outside influences and can run Linux on their home machines all
> they want.  However, that is not the mainstream and probably never
> will be.  So the next step is to find something for PLAY that will 
> run on the same machine they need for WORK.
> I have setup Linux and enjoy it greatly...however, I do not have a 
> machine at home that I can devote solely to Linux.
> Them's the breaks.  Don't be so harsh.
> > Are you people really so desperate to support a vulturous, evil monopoly
> > that you refuse to even consider using the one and only totally free,
> > PC-compatible, 32-bit, true pre-emptive multitasking multiuser rock-stable
> > industry-standard operating system?

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