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trouble comiling on NeXT

I feel so stupid! I simply dont manage to compile LambdaMOO (1.7.8p4 with MPL patch) on a Next. Actually the NeXT is one of the machines where it should compile quite cleanly. Well that is not my machine and I think the compiler may not be set up just as it should be as that machine is normally used only for Web stuff.

maybe somebody has seen that before:

my-signal.h:34: undefined type, found `sigset_t'
my-signal.h:35: undefined type, found `sigset_t'
my-signal.h:39: undefined type, found `sigset_t'
my-signal.h:39: undefined type, found `sigset_t'

I am not really a unix guru but I still tried to find the problem (sort of difficult if you have to read all the source and such stuff through a simple telnet window...

Anyway - I didnt have luck. Does somebody know where I may have goofed up? Or could somebody make a compiled MOO + MPL patch avaialble to me. I know its not supposed to be distributed that way but I just dont get it to run and over the next 2 weeks I will also get no technical support for that machine *sigh*...


Andreas Dieberger

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