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Tiny problem with msdosmoo.exe -Reply

Assuming it is on your machine you only need be in the directory
where the .exe and <input.db> are located to get to it.  AFAIK only
one person at a time can get to it (working on that one).  Once
logged in, for all practical purposes it looks the same as entering
any regular MOO and you can do very much the same thing as you can in
regular MOOs.  if you haven't @password-ed wizard yet, connect as
wizard and make some changes that you want to test.  Since you are
using the .exe directly from your machine's input (no need for
telnet) simply enter the following:

msdosmoo <input.db> output (or dumpfile [either will work])

Where <input.db> is the .db you want to load.  That will kick it into
gear and you can log in.  @shutdown in order to create output.#1# (I
don't know if there is another way to get the first one as of yet,
but this way does for me).  The next time use the following:

msdosmoo output.#1# output (or msdosmoo dumpfile.#1# dumpfile)

After that you and dump it at anytime having the same effect as
checkpointing.  Hope this helps.  Let me know of any interesting
experiences you have with this.

0bsidian wanderer

0bsidian@BayMOO, EdenMOO, LambdaMOO

>>> Martijn Grendelman <>  12/19/95, 07:55am >>>
When I try to run the .exe-file, nothing at all happens and my
computer crashes. What should the output of the program look like ?
Same as unix- version ?
Should I specify a port for the MOO to listen on ?
How do I log on to the MOO ? Is that possible without telnet ?
Help would be very much appreciated !

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