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Gopher MOO Question

I did pose this question before, but may be I didn't frame it right.
The Gopher Utlities on my MOO is not functioning properly.....
When ever I goto a gopher site, I only get somthing like this ->
2.  (menu)
3.  (menu)
4.  (menu)

The name/title of the menu is not shown. 
I found out that the value of desclines property also does not contain 
the name/title of menu' looks like this ->

desclines: {"1. ", "2.  (menu)", "3.  (menu)", "4.  (menu)", "5.  
(menu)", "6.  (menu)", "7.  (menu)", "8.  (menu)", "9.  (menu)"}

Could someone please tell me what/where there is a problem.

--Madhu Rao
(George Mason University, Virginia)

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