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FUP's hard-coded limit

Today at MOO2000, we found two places where the 2048 (ONE_K * 2) limit 
coded in the FUP routines inhibited our use of FUP.  The first occured 
when diskbasing some of the $generic_db's, lines longer than about 2048 
could not be saved entirely without breaking the lines up.  The second 
occured when I started diskbasing mail.. When the length of the 
directory names strung together (padding to make all the dir 
names about equal) approached 2048, some dir's were lost to the 
filelist() builtin, causing some problems when checking for directory 

Now I know one solution would be to recompile the server with a higher 
BUF_LEN limit, but I was wondering if any thought had been given to 
removing the hard-coded limit altogether as Pavel has tried to do with 
the LambdaMOO server.

Jason R. Mills
RayoDeSol@MundoHispano           Archwizard of Rupert
SunRay everywhere else.

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