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Re: trouble comiling on NeXT

>The problem is that the NeXT folks provide certain POSIX functions
>(sigemptyset, sigaddset, and sigprocmask) but don't declare the type of their
>arguments (sigset_t) in the right header file <signal.h>. If someone will tell
>me where they *do* declare that type (*if* they do), I'll try to add a case to
>the configuration script to work around NeXT's bug.
>	Pavel

> hostinfo
Mach kernel version:
         NeXT Mach 3.2: Mon Oct 18 21:57:41 PDT 1993;

Here's a snipping from /usr/include/bsd/sys/signal.h:

> #ifdef _POSIX_SOURCE            /* Additional entries required by */
>                                 /* POSIX                          */
>         #include <sys/types.h>  /* for pid_t */
>         typedef int sigset_t; 

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                        Experimental Systems Group
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