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Server Question...

Is there a reason why the server shouldn't parse input from an 
unconnected player?  In tasks.c, the server throws out input from
an unconnected player and also does not execute it.  I understand
what this does, but is there any good reason for it, or is it
like the object location hierarchy thing?  (well, at least in my
opinion, the object location "hierarchy thing" is just to preserve
VRness.  am I wrong?)  I'm considering changing this in my server
if nothing else will break so that I can have unconnected players
do commands with a builtin do_command() function.

Also, is there any reason why the task id for #0:do_command() is
not the same as the task id of the verb run if #0:do_command() is
zero?  What I mean is, will something break if I make this work:

  .program #0:do_command
  player:tell("do command got task ", task_id());
  do command got task 32555
  => 32555

I've already written my little hack in do_command_task() in tasks.c,
and it appears to work.  Any objections?




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