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Re: Server Question...

Nate Massey writes:
> Is there a reason why the server shouldn't parse input from an 
> unconnected player?

Not really; the restriction has been in there (albeit in *quite* different
form) since Ghond gave me the code back in 1990 and has simply been carried
along ever since.  One advantage I can think of is that it ensures that
disconnection will quickly and harmlessly clean up the leftover state; for
example, if I'm horribly lagged, type some commands that I now no longer care
about and simply disconnect, it may well be better if those commands are thrown
away.  This is a pretty weak argument, though.  Anybody got a better one?

> Also, is there any reason why the task id for #0:do_command() is
> not the same as the task id of the verb run if #0:do_command() is
> zero?

No, not really.  I'll add this to alpha4.



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