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New LambdaCore database released

There's a new version of LambdaCore for the new year.{db,db.Z}

The new core contains the addition of Frand's Player Class---everyone
copies this anyway so I figured we could go ahead and corify it.
Frand is given credit by virtue of the class name; not having logged
in in the recent past and being unavailable to ask, I hope I haven't
stepped on alien toes too hard.  You get @refuse, @join, @find, and a
variety of other useful tools.  There are undoubtedly some bogons as a
result of this---extra verbs included that really belong to the
LambdaMOO Political System, missing verbs that break functionality.

The mail system has been hacked on a small amount to make it easier to
remove.  That is, there is now a Mail Recipient Player Class in the
default hierarchy.  However, there is still huge quantities of code
which expects that players can receive mail, so simply recyclnig this
will undoubtedly give you a raft of problems.  Concrete suggestions on
what else needs to be done to further encapsulate the mail system are

Byte Quota Utils uses the new value_bytes builtin.  This core will
not run under 1.7.8.

There are a lot of things which are by default $server_options.protected,
and corresponding #0:verbs, which all of the core calls.  We recommend
keeping these protections for various security reasons.  We also left
you with $server_options.queued_task_limit = 100.

And of course the usual raft of totally random changes that have been
made by the LambdaMOO wizards.  We *think* we have insulated you from
the LambdaMOO politically motivated changes, but of course we may have
screwed up.  Bug reports welcome...

One known bug: #0:rmatch should be changed to just return
rmatch(@args).  There was a short time during which I was attempting
to reduce the triggering of the match memory leak by installing
this---lots of the core calls it, and I forgot to undo it for rmatch
when I undid it for match after the server patch was announced.
Unfortunately I forgot about this until I was writing this letter
rather than during the last minute core patchups this afternoon.

Sorry, Brack, I think @verbs didn't actually make it into the core,
and Blackbriar hates it anyway.

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