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Re: New LambdaCore database released (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 30 Dec 1995 21:56:29 -0500 (GMT-0500)
From: G. Ellenburg <>
To: Judy Anderson <>
Subject: Re: New LambdaCore database released

	Is it just me but there appears to be no more "@dig" or "help
building" anymore in the new database!
	How does one create new rooms with the new core?  HELP! <g>

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On Fri, 29 Dec 1995, Judy Anderson wrote:

> There's a new version of LambdaCore for the new year.
> The new core contains the addition of Frand's Player Class---everyone
> copies this anyway so I figured we could go ahead and corify it.
> Frand is given credit by virtue of the class name; not having logged
> in in the recent past and being unavailable to ask, I hope I haven't
> stepped on alien toes too hard.  You get @refuse, @join, @find, and a
> variety of other useful tools.  There are undoubtedly some bogons as a
> result of this---extra verbs included that really belong to the
> LambdaMOO Political System, missing verbs that break functionality.
> The mail system has been hacked on a small amount to make it easier to
> remove.  That is, there is now a Mail Recipient Player Class in the
> default hierarchy.  However, there is still huge quantities of code
> which expects that players can receive mail, so simply recyclnig this
> will undoubtedly give you a raft of problems.  Concrete suggestions on
> what else needs to be done to further encapsulate the mail system are
> welcome.
> Byte Quota Utils uses the new value_bytes builtin.  This core will
> not run under 1.7.8.
> There are a lot of things which are by default $server_options.protected,
> and corresponding #0:verbs, which all of the core calls.  We recommend
> keeping these protections for various security reasons.  We also left
> you with $server_options.queued_task_limit = 100.
> And of course the usual raft of totally random changes that have been
> made by the LambdaMOO wizards.  We *think* we have insulated you from
> the LambdaMOO politically motivated changes, but of course we may have
> screwed up.  Bug reports welcome...
> One known bug: #0:rmatch should be changed to just return
> rmatch(@args).  There was a short time during which I was attempting
> to reduce the triggering of the match memory leak by installing
> this---lots of the core calls it, and I forgot to undo it for rmatch
> when I undid it for match after the server patch was announced.
> Unfortunately I forgot about this until I was writing this letter
> rather than during the last minute core patchups this afternoon.
> Oops.
> Sorry, Brack, I think @verbs didn't actually make it into the core,
> and Blackbriar hates it anyway.
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