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What happened to the help databases?

An update to a previous post by me:
	I was able to find @dig in the new Dec25 core, the reason I thought
it had vanished was that it didn't appear in the help under 'help building'.
	I've also managed to install the FUP package (1.7) without little
trouble (missing #define statements for the FUP_version in several places),
otherwise not a problem.  Subsequently, 95% of all our help is now on disk! 
What a reduction in db size and memory!
	How can I get these help files back?!
	Also, I've fallen in love with FUP ... anybody got any neat ideas
for it's use?  I remember reading of someone off-loading E-Mail and News,
has this been successfully done yet with FUP?
	And THIS is probably going to seem like a REALLY stupid question,
but how can I create my own customized help topics like on Lambda?
	As always, thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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