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Re: What happened to the help databases?

On Sun, 31 Dec 1995, G. Ellenburg wrote:

> An update to a previous post by me:
> 	How can I get these help files back?!

Another update:
	When I @dump the Builder Help (#85) there are too many lines to post
that say:

@chmod #85."@audit" r

	Note: replace the verb inside the quote with just about every other
verb you'd use when building a room.  Note, the verb does exists but you
can't access it's help... ;(
	Those lines don't appear in other Help DBs in the core.
	Another thing of interest to me is that the Builder Help DB has the
following Verb definition: init_for_core .
	Also, I've @chparent the help to #30, Generic Help Database in hopes
that helped but like an extremely fatigued individual, I forgot what the old
parent was ;(  AARGH!



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