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Re: How to use 8-bit ascii in MOO ?

Heikki J Wilenius wrote:
>         Hi,
> I can't output any 8-bit ascii characters in the MOO. For example, when
> I do the following command:
> ;"a";  (the character inside the quotes being an a with dots, ascii 132)
> the output is
> => ""
> Any fix for this requiring not to edit the sources? Or if I have to
> do that, any tips where to start looking?
>         Thanks,
>                 Heikki

Here's code that switches a connection into binary mode, outputs ASCII 132,
followed by a carriage return and a linefeed.

#2:output132   none none none
 1:  set_connection_option(this, "binary", 1);
 2:  notify(this, "~84~0D~0A");
 3:  set_connection_option(this, "binary", 0);

You can read more on this in the LambdaMOO programmer manual.  Look for
"binary strings" and set_connection_option().

Also, keep in mind that how a high-ASCII character is displayed is up to
your MUD client.  Mine was nice and gave me the dotted 'a'.  If your
client is Windows-based, what you get in the high-ASCII series depends
on the font you've chosen.  In other words, high-ASCII characters are not


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