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Re: HTTP/1.0 Authentication

> Hi,
>         Did anyone of you out there implement HTTP's Basic Authentication
> scheme in MOO object ?

BayWeb does, via a builtin function to decode the base64 encoded
username:password string.  I'm going to be releasing a version of BayWeb
for public ftp Real Soon Now, once I can finish up one last function, get
it running on Bay, and write up some documentation.

If you want to impliment it yourself, just get a uudecode() builtin
function, and uudecode the Authorization string, which is then of the form:

login ":" password

where login is the username and password is the password.

If you want more info on how basic authentication is handled, check out the
HTTP 1.0 spec at

You'll probably get several offers for uudecode code, but if you want mine,
mail me and I'll send it to you.  Any will work, as long as it can decode a
long enough string and won't try to pass back 0x00 or 0x0A.


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