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<req> Need 1.8.0p6 for AIX

Sorry if you get this twice, I sent it 24 hours ago... but despite the
moderate traffic today... no one I've talked to got this from MOO-cows
including me.

As you aixers know... AIX 4.1.4 has no c-compiler... and I can't install
one for various reasons that I'm embarassed to devulge.  Anyway, I posted a
message similar to this in July, and got a wonderful response from Randy
Fischer and someone else... though I don't have the original messages...
and a compiled running version of 1.8.0p5, but the OUTBOUND_NETWORK was not
defined... and I need this for our Java applet MOOca (to implement neat
though undefined stuff).  Could anyone help with a compiled version 0f
1.8.5p6?  Something that I could FTP or grab from a WWW page would be
better than something e-mmailed... and I can set up an FTP server if
necessary.  We want a fully functional server with something like this:

#define OUT_OF_BAND_PREFIX "#$#"
#define DEFAULT_MAX_STACK_DEPTH         50

#define DEFAULT_FG_TICKS                30000
#define DEFAULT_BG_TICKS                15000

#define DEFAULT_FG_SECONDS              5
#define DEFAULT_BG_SECONDS              3



#define MAX_QUEUED_OUTPUT       16384
#define CONNECT_TIMEOUT         300

THanks in advance.

Jason (and the MOOoise crew).

Jason Nolan
MooOISE, HolonMOO & Mooca Java
Department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
University of Toronto


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