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'notify() is not consistent'


        Currently, I am having problems in writing to Netscape from MOO's
notify(). 'player:tell()' does not seem to work at all.

        The problem is for the same 100 lines of strings, I send to both MOO
player and Netscape Navigator.

        for each line
          notify(player, lines);
          notify(netscape, lines);

        These lines are repeated many times. I got the correct content from
player but not from browser as viewed by 'View'-'Source Document' command in
the Netscape Nevigator. Browser chopped off some lines. 

        The chopping is not consistent. If I use, <MAP> and <IMG SRC> tags
of HTML, it is like to chop off earlier. However, if I use other tags, like
<A HRef>, it may chop off few hundred lines later.

        Does anyone encounter the same problem above ? Please kindly share
with me.

        My description may be obscured. Sorry for that.

Soo Yin :)

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