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Re: Looking for a career change?

Jason Nolan wrote:
> At 11:28 PM -0800 15/12/96, stacy.l.goodman wrote:
> >Hey MOOers!  (Talking to the ones who would fit into the corporate
> >environment)
> >
>  I'm sad to hear that this might not be a contradiction in terms; corporate
> MOOing.
> As one who hopes to use MOOs as vehicle for thwarting continued
> corporatization of the species, I can only hope for divine intervention...

Actually corporations that would use MOOs are not trying to 
dehumanize people. It's also nice to hear that every once
in a while a MOO programmer can make a few bucks doing what she
likes to do.

The 9th reindeer? I'm still trying to remember the three
Marx brothers: Harpo, Chico, and Karl?

maddog's studio
Frank Crowell

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