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@dumping problems with old DB

First of all, thanks to everyone who helped me with upgrading my old DB to
1.8.0, especially the person who pointed me to Brack's WWW pages with the
upgrade of 1.7.9 to 1.8.0.  I have completed all the changes listed there,
and as best as I can tell the DB related changes in Changelog.txt, except
for porting over and corifying $server_options.  This I plan to do as soon
as possible.  Now here's the next problem that I am having:
Some objects on this old DB I would like to port to some other MOOs. I
seem to be having problems, however.
Originally, I was getting an error in #6:@exam whenever I tried to
@examine something. This appears to have been due to the tostr() problem
which has since been corrected by upgrading the DB to 1.8.0 following
Brack's excellent directions.
However, now when I try to @dump anything, with or without create, I only
get the properties, and not the verbs on the object.  Doing an @dump with
noprops returns simply "***finished***.
This happened before I performed the upgrade as well, but I assumed that
it was due to trying to run an old DB on MOO 1.8.0 (it still may be).
However, since I *think* that I upgraded everything that I need with the
exception of $server_options, I'm not sure what is causing this problem.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Matthew Duhan
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