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Re: @create returns "Too many verb calls" to non-wiz chars

At 05:02 AM 12/26/96 PST, Luigi Fabio wrote:
>K.A. all MOO-Cows .
>I am running LambdaMOO v1.8.0p5 w/25Dec95 LambdaCore on Linux. 
>Presently, the MOO is at its first stages (building the basic 
>envroiment before "normal" players come in) and I have hit into a 
>weird problem.
>If a non-wiz char tries to @create (or @dig, which I discovered 
>(obviously) goes through the same routines, but in a spectacularly 
>perverted way) an object and that requires issueing a new (never 
>before issued) obj. number (i.e. $recycler calls create() to get the 
>job done (am I getting this right?)) the server refuses to do what it 
>should spitting out a nice "Too many verb calls" error, which is not 
>contemplated in the FM (LMoo Progger's manual by Pavel Curtis).
>The curious things are that a) this does not happen to wizzen and 
>b)this started happening quite suddently (it worked fine before).

As previously mentioned, you have nothing your $recycler. The fix on Lambda
was to put these lines in $quota_utils:bi_create

 3:  if (!`who.wizard ! E_TYPE' && $recycler.contents)
 4:    return $recycler:_create(@args);

>Also, another couple (more trivial) Qs:
>a) It was said on this list that Mr. Curtis is no longer maintaining 
>MOO. Who is? And will we get another server release beyond 1.8.0p5?

Erik ostrom is. And there were already enough patches for 1.8.0p5 that I
think 1.8.0p6 was announced.. plus all the stuff he promised would be in
the next version.

>b) Where can I find LambdaCore progger/user's manuals a little more 
>recent than the ones on (v1.3 (!))? has the
most recent Programmers' Manual (for 1.8.0p5)

>c) Wading through Brack's www pages, I found a site with patches for 
>the 25Dec95 core ( Problem is, I can' t 
>reach said site (DNS lookup failure). Is there a mirror somewhere? moved recently and it might still not be cached correctly in your
DNS. Try the numeric address at Either that, or the MOO I
have those documents on was down at the time you looked. It's been up for a
while though.
You can find the upgrading LambdaCore document at, the security holes in LambdaCore
1Oct94 at, and the one for 25Dec95 at (or /742, /1130 and /1857 for people
who have been using the numbers)

>d) Is there a similar site for server patches for 1.8.0p5? A lot have 
>passed on this list and I was wondering if an "official" patch 
>repository (of tested and needful patches) exists.

Here are some patches I've used and found useful:

The DSA extensions at
The File Utilites Patch at
Martian's Extension Pack at
Richelieu's patch archive at

PS: The plural of wizard is "wizards".

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