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A peeve.

Why should this happen:

;;blah = "foo";blah[2] = "";#2:tell(blah)
#-1:Input to EVAL, line 3:  Invalid argument
... called from built-in function eval()
... called from #59:eval_cmd_string (this == #2), line 21
... called from #59:eval*-d (this == #2), line 11

... I don't know about the rest of you, but I would find it /very/ helpful
to be able to simply delete a piece of a string. ie, the code above should
return "fo". I don't know. At least having a verb on $string_utils to do
this for you would be nice, instead of having to program it myself (or not
program it, depending on my .wizard property at the given moo.)
I don't know, just seems like something that would be handy...?
*shrug* Just a thought.
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