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Using BSD MOO db with WinMOO


I'm running a moo (1.8.0p5) on BSD Unix. The problem is that I'm lagging
badly on my own moo as its not running on my own ISP :( Anyway, I wanted
to download its db to my PC and use it with my WinMOO to do some
programming/changes. I downloaded the file several times. But its not
working with winMOO. What I mean is I don't get any errors but it
doesn't except my password or any other one's. All otherthings remain
the same. Players are there but can't access the moo :( I have a couple
of questions:

1.	Is there a way to assign a news password to my character in WinMOO?
	Or is there a was to use it as a Wiz?

2.	Can this db be used again with the original BSD MOO again after

I'll be thankful to anyone how can help me out :)


Farhan Sabir

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