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Re: Using BSD MOO db with WinMOO

At 12:44 am 23/12/96 PST, you wrote:
>1.	Is there a way to assign a news password to my character in WinMOO?
>	Or is there a was to use it as a Wiz?
>2.	Can this db be used again with the original BSD MOO again after

The encryption in WinMOO is different from the LambdaMOO one.  Connect in
Emergancy Wizard Repair Mode (or whatever it's called), and reassign the

 ;#2.password = crypt("open-sesame")

Replace #2 with the wizard object number.

Then log out and start the MOO Server normally.  When you move it back to
BSD MOO you'll have to follow the same steps again.

Happy MOOing,
Xander - EdMOO

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