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The Power Distribution Network

Rev. Bob Brown
Warsaw, Kentucky

Most of us use electrical power every day, but do we ever think about how that electricity got to us? Those of us who have been in the church for any length of time at all are quite accustomed to the power of God, but do we ever think about how that power got to us?

Do we really have a clear understanding of what power is? If we really understand what power is, then we can better understand what the power of the LORD is. It is my sincere hope that this short discussion will help us all develop a better understanding of his power, and how we can better convey this power to others.

The apostle Paul, in his first letter to the church at Corinth, explained what this power was. By examining the scripture, we should immediatly see all the important points:

1 Cor 1:18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.[*]

Or do we? Do we really understand all the important points? Consider a truck carrying a load up a grade. It takes power to get the load up the hill. What is power?

Power is work done in time; work requires force, and force tends to produce a change. If no change is produced, then no work is done, and there is no power.

A powerful engine can get the load up the hill on time. A less powerful one would be too slow. One with even less power would not make it at all. It would still exert a force, but the force would not be able to do the work.

If the work is not done by the time it is needed, it may as well not be done at all. If the load doesn't get to the top of the hill on time, it won't do any good to get it there late.

I'm here to tell you that Jesus is always right on time! 2000 years ago, he carried the load of our sins to the top of Golgotha hill. He had no sin of his own, but he was so burdened with our sins that he had someone else carry his cross for him. He carried nothing else but our sins to the top of that hill.

Jesus has the power to do what no one else could do. He accomplished the work he came to do. He is a mighty force in my life. Is he in yours? He has produced a miraculous change in my life. Has he done so in yours?

The work he did by carrying our sins up Calvary hill is a finished work. There is nothing more that can be done or ever will be done.

The next step is up to you. Only you can choose to benefit from that labor. You can be a fruit of that labor only if you permit it. Only you can then spread the news of the glorious gospel to everyone else that you meet.

This is power distribution. The church is the power distribution network. Plug into the real power, then spread it around. Everyone needs this power. Let's see that we get it to them!

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Robert J. Brown