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A Catalog of Spey and Dee Flies

Condition Orange
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Condition Orange
R. J. Brown
Hook: Partridge Bartleet CS10/1G #1/0 gold.
Tail: purple dyed golden pheasant crest.
Rib: medium oval gold tinsel, wound the usual way, led by fine silver oval tinsel to hold down the hackle.
Body: rear 1/2 purple silk floss, front 1/2 orange angora dubbing, using Syd Glasso's split floss method.
Hackle: light dun Whiting Farms genetic Spey hackle, wound contrary to the ribs, tied in at the front, by the root, and secured by the second rib.
Collar: orange dyed teal.
Wing: orange dyed bronze mallard, tented, vertical style.
Head: gray.
Note: Named after the United States' 5 level national alert system, signifying a high level of alert. Hopefully, things will happen so quickly when this fly is on the line that it will deserve the name.

Fly tied and photographed by R. J. Brown.

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