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A Catalog of Spey and Dee Flies

Fatman Dee
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Fatman Dee
R. J. Brown
Hook: Tiemco TMC 7931C #3/0.
Tag: medium gold oval from barb to point.
Tail: golden pheasant crest, veiled by golden pheasant tippet.
Rib: wide oval gold tied in at the rear, wound the usual way, so as to cross the hackles and serve as a counter-rib.
Body: rear 1/2 chartreuse ice dub; front 1/2 olive silk floss.
Hackle: rear 1/2 none; front 1/2 olive dyed ring necked pheasant rump, tied in at the front by the tip, wound contrary to the usual way, held down by the rib.
Collar: teal.
Cheeks: jungle cock, drooping.
Wing: dark cinnamon turkey tail, mounted flat, V-style.
Head: black.
Note: Named after Richard Brown (no relation to R. J. Brown), aka "The Fishin' Fatman", the well known Root River guide, who says that chartreuse is the magic color for the Root. This is a color variant of the Akroyd. This fly was fished for about 3 hours on the Root just a few days before this picture was taken, which is why the collar is so swept back.

Fly tied and photographed by R. J. Brown.

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