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notify() w/o newline

> We've found our memory leak - it was a malloc in bf_notify() added by me to 
> handle the changes we made there to stop double line spacing on Macs when they 
> webbed into the MOO.  We have to only send \n to them, not \r\n, but still send 
> \r\n to everyone else, so I add the \r to all lines that don't have a 3rd 
> optional arg set.  The adding of a 3rd optional arg in 1.7.9 threw this a bit, 
> and my concentration on allowing both to work at the same time made me forget to 

Speaking of bf_notify(), it would be nice if it was possible to send
a line to a character without sending the newline character.  It would
be nice for fancy ANSI MOOs, among other things.  I know there is (or
was) a patch for the old network code to do this, but it would be nice
if there was osomething implemented into the regular code to do it.


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